Born out of navy SEAL training, TRX uses suspension straps to perfect specialized exercises to develop core strength while enhancing balance and flexibility. Participants use their own body mass to contrast gravity and create natural resistance.  With hundreds of potential exercises, there is constant innovation and new challenges. TRX eliminates monotonous repetition and inspires participants through an continuously evolutionary set of tasks.   


Peak offers a variety of TRX classes that intersperses weights and TRX suspension training over the course of forty-five brisk minutes. Through stretching, a multitude of TRX exercises, Physio balls, and kettle bell training, all muscle groups are exerted with particular emphasis of balance and core strength. For individuals looking target their lower back and abs, Peak Fitness’ classes with enhance flexibility, stamina, and strength for athletes of all ages and fitness levels. Traditional isometrics such as squats and push-ups are supplemented by more intricate, TRX-specific movements to generate a full body workout that is perpetually challenging and evolving. No two classes are ever the same as the repetition, break times, and maneuvers are rarely duplicated.  

Wellness and Recovery

Promotes recovery, restoration and overall well-being. Includes foam rolling, dynamic TRX stretching, breath work, static stretching, and other modalities geared towards helping you feel the best you have in years! 

After taking this class you will experience:

- relieved tightness

- lowered stress levels

- reduced muscle soreness and tension

- improved blood and lymph circulation

- more mobile joints

- relaxed state of body and mind

It will leave you feeling open, strong, flexible, and wanting more! Treat your body to the experience and feel the difference, enjoy the vitality.